Nova CC™ – A Better Aesthetic Bracket

Nova CC™

Rather than tout the benefits of our Nova CC™ hybrid-sapphire aesthetic bracket system, we decided to let one of your peers offer their impression of this revolutionary aesthetic bracket. So with no further ado, take it away Dr. Stella Mellas of Mellas Orthodontics.

Dr. Stella Mellas of Mellas Orthodontics

When it comes to aesthetic bracket options, I’ve tried many different systems. For years I used a certain ceramic bracket that portrays itself as the industry leader. It was good, but not great.

I decided there had to be a better option out there and tried the Nova CC hybrid-sapphire bracket. Let me tell you, I was beyond surprised with the results. They completely surpassed what I was used to.

From an aesthetic standpoint, they are the best bracket I’ve ever seen. The clear slot really sets the Nova CC apart from other ceramic brackets. There’s no metal to see. When used with the white wire and the clear coated steel ties, there’s literally nothing that shows.

But really what sets them apart is how they hold up during debonding. It would take me at least three times the amount of time to take off the other brackets as it does the Nova CC. I learned that this is because the Nova CC brackets are made up of a different composition. As a result, they have an elastic feel to them.

Now I take them off the same as I’d take off any metal bracket. The Nova CC comes off in one piece. This has become a significant time saver when debonding a case. That means less breakage, faster procedures and eliminating the discomfort to the patient to clean up a broken bracket.

I recently had to debond another company’s ceramic bracket and the difference between their bracket and the Nova CC was night and day. My advice to my peers is simple: give the Nova CC ceramic brackets a chance! Once you do, I’m certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This switch is one that you won’t be disappointed in. It’s all positive.

Thanks Dr. Mellas. Here’s a little bit more about the Nova CC, the only hybrid-sapphire aesthetic bracket system.

Nova CC™

Introducing the Nova CC™ hybrid-sapphire aesthetic bracket
Nova CC™ brackets are made of an innovative material that is impervious to stains and abrasion, while yielding a crystal-clear transparency. This hybrid resin is fracture resistant and eliminates the headache that comes with broken tie-wings throughout treatment. With Nova CC, you will experience increased retention due to the mechanical locking base as well as effortless bonding and debonding. The days of debond shattering or breakage are gone with Nova CC.

Click here to learn more or to experience the Nova CC for yourself.

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