Yet Another Reason We [Heart] Orthodontics

Fishbein Fundamentals: JAN 19 – 20th
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One of our favorite elements of orthodontics is the true sense of community that exists within the profession. Unlike general dentistry, there are less than 10,000 Orthos in the US. With a community that small, it makes sense to look out for one another. Take for example, the service provided by our good friend Dr. Ben Fishbein.

Dr. Ben Fishbein – Senior orthodontist and owner of Fishbein Orthodontics

It’s no secret that the profession is experiencing some structural changes to how orthodontics is practiced. With the emergence of DSO’s, changes to the referral paradigm, the rise of clear aligner therapy and now, mail order treatment, many practices are finding their previous business model isn’t performing the way it once did.

During this time of transformation, when many practices are scrambling to keep pace with their previous years’ numbers, Dr. Ben Fishbein has experienced impressive growth. Knowing that not everyone in the profession was so fortunate, Dr. Fishbein began inviting individual practices over in order to share what’s been working for him and his team.

After hosting an estimated 20 orthodontists and their teams over the past 10 months, he decided to formalize the process for the sake of his team and any interested practices. “It’s been kind of tough to show a visiting team everything you want to show them, so we decided to do something more organized. This way we can fully go over our systems and answer any questions they have along the way.”

Even before you factor in changes to the orthodontic landscape, Dr. Fishbein’s results are difficult to ignore. With 40 team members and 5 offices, Fishbein Orthodontics is a Top 1% Invisalign® Provider. It’s clear he’s doing something right.

The event, aptly named Fishbein Fundamentals, is a day and a half long immersive learning opportunity. Participants will “leave with the tools they need to improve efficiency and grow their practice”. According to Dr. Fishbein, this includes:

  • Learning some of our most successful marketing strategies.
  • Observing our simple and effective new patient exam processes.
  • Discovering our systems for efficient clinical management.

Another great thing about the event (full disclosure: MAO was so impressed by Dr. Fishbein’s efforts that we became a sponsor) is that every practice leaves with a plan. Fishbein and his team make sure everyone who attends has a clear roadmap of the steps to take to maximize a practice’s full potential.

Finally, if you’re on the fence about attending, consider the location of Dr. Fishbein’s practice, which is in Pensacola Beach, FL. World famous for its sugar-white sand beaches and emerald-green waters, it was named Best East Coast Beach and the Fifth Best Beach in the US. And if that isn’t enough, MAO customers who wish to attend can use the promotional code MIDATLANTICORTHO and get a 15% discount.  Click here for more information and to register!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Like we said in the beginning, Dr. Fishbein is a friend of MAO and we’d like to see as many MAO customers benefit from his success as possible.

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